Based on Developmental Needs:

We understand and respect the way that children learn. They need to be active, responding to materials and experiences which attract their interest. They require a variety of opportunities to handle and explore objects materials. They need dedicated teachers to be available to hear about their discoveries and to talk them over. They need opportunities to learn through play about family life, community relationships, and future possibilities.



A qualified curriculum coordinator plans a comprehensive curriculum that integrates experiences in the arts, the natural sciences, literature, math, language arts, social studies, physical education, guidance, Mandarin and media skills. The curriculum is a unit based one that is presented in small groups and in full class activities, as well as in interest centres where children work individually at their own pace. The centre has an extensive curriculum for infants, Toddlers, Nursery and Kindergarten.

  • Encouragement of Literacy

  • Nurturing of Creativity

  • Montessori



While it is not part of our philosophy to promote students into classrooms that cater to older children governed by the belief that students grow better emotionally and socially (where leadership traits and self-esteem can be safely nurtured). We individualize on the basis that students who are accelerated in their own chronological class, thus tailoring special programmes for this student. Parents should bear in mind that the decision to do so lies solely with the academic staff and administration who would be in consultation with the parents.


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