Parent's Testimonial

All three of my children have attended Sam’s early learning centre. The centre has provided them with a nurturing environment within which they have flourished. As a parent I was impressed by the range of activities offered, the small class sizes and the outdoor play area. I have found the staff to be professional, courteous and most of all caring. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam’s to other families.

                          - Mr/Mrs Morton ( Nov 2017 )

                      Parents of Henry,Sabrina & Sebastian 

Our son Guido, who is almost 3 years old today, started in Sams since we arrived in singapore from Brazil one year and half ago. From the First days until today, it's a pleasure to see how Guido is happy in the school. Sometimes, even on weekends Guido goes to the door and ask us to go play in the school. To us this attitude only show us how happy he spends his days at Sam.

As for the teachers and directors, we are also very happy! All of them without exception are lovely and very attentious. Every Single time, that i needed them for specific situations, they were always willing to help us.


When our kids are happy, we are also happy! When we arrive t the school after a very long day, we can see all the kids in the playground, so happy, so full of joy! And the best part is that since it's not a big school, you start to know all of them! It's very sweet and a good environment for our little ones

                                 - Mr/Mrs Montanari ( Nov 2017 )

                              Parents of Guido

In the early 2000s when i was a working mom, my 2 children attended Sam's Early Learning centre. My older child was there from aged 2 1/2 to 9 and y younger child joined his sister from 18 months and was there until he finished K2.

They were there every weekday from 8am to 6pm and were well taken care of by the loving teacher. In addition to the basic academic learning there, they were exposed to chinese calligraphy, cooking classes and learning how to use abacus, etc. Occasionally they attended outings to places like the Bird Park.

I like that Sam's is not just a childcare centre, it had a holistic program and the teachers always had time for the kids as well as the parents.

                                            - Ms Lorraine Choo ( Dec 2008 )

                                               Parent of Russell Chee