Our Infant Care

The building is purpose built , with lots of light coming through the windows , air conditioned and lots of space for crawling around. Our infants have a special menu tailored to their nutritional needs. They are cared for by trained infant care Teachers who sing and cuddle the little ones.
All infants are changed periodically and bathed so that they are fresh and 
Clean when Mother picks them up


The objectives of our infant care unit is to provide each infant with a warm and cuddly relationship with the caregiver. Positive bonding and attachment to a loving caregiver gives a baby emotional security that aids in their total development.


Research shows that a foetus of three months can react to external sounds by moving and by changing its heart rate. By the time the baby is born, he has had lots of exposure to sound and rhythm internally and externally. This may be the reason that babies respond to music at such a young age.


Abundant stimulation by holding, singing and talking softly to an infant will provide exposure to speech. Picture talk by using infant books, puppets and photographs enhances social and emotional development.



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Infant Care

Our purpose built infant care building offers ample space for infants to crawl or take “first steps” – materials designed to promote curiosity are laid out within reach. Windows are designed so that toddlers can watch happenings outside.