Yesterday, Wednesday 10th January was N1 and N2’s first session with Kidmando. Both Mages and myself were literally floored at what we witnessed – wish you all were here.

Eve and Lisa, the coaches led the students through several activities. What floored us was these young ones ability to listen and follow instructions, not one student faltered. When they had a ball kicking session, Eve said “All green balls go in my bag, all orange and yellow balls go in Lisa’s bag – Wow!! They got it right!! Let’s all line up behind me and sit in our circle – Bingo! They did it!

We are so proud of them – they enjoyed the activities so much. Thank the clouds for not raining until they were done. Coach Lisa came over and commented "They are so well behaved”.

Please share the pictures with your friends and give yourself a pat on the back for being great parents.


Samia & Mages

K1 and K2 students had their first Kindmando session on Friday, 12th January 2018.

It drizzled, but a little rain was no deterrent for these kids!!

They had lots of fun, muddy shoes, legs and all. One of our dad’s emailed that his children had so much fun that he wished he was in pre-school, me too!!


Samia & Mages

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