sams early learning centre


There are two reporting periods in the school year, parents receive a formal written report of their child’s progress. For very young children, (toddler/Nursery 1), the report is in a paragraph form focusing on social and emotional development. For Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2, the report focuses on academic progress in English as well as the students’ second language. A substantial paragraph is dedicated to the development of social, emotional progress as well as leadership qualities.


Documentation of the above progress is carefully recorded by the teacher in a special individual file. Besides the facilitators observations, samples of work and photos of the child at work are included. This file is shared with the parent at the scheduled parent / teacher conference. The objective of the conference is to share the contents of the file, discuss report card content and to talk about certain occurrences that would not be appropriate to include in a written document like a report card; an example of this is biting, scratching or pushing. Conferences are scheduled a few days after report cards go home.