Sam's Early Learning Centre is nestled in a quiet cul de sac away from the main road and the pollution of traffic. Sam's offers plenty of outdoor play encompassing games which involve running, jumping and sliding. (At one time, we had an enormous  rambutan tree which we climbed for exercise - sadly enough it got so old that it had to come down)

At Sam's Early Learning Centre, we aim to develop the child holistically. We concentrate on 5 main aspects of the child's development, Physical, Emotional, Social, Aesthetic and Intellectual. 

Story of Sam's Early Learning Centre Pte Ltd

The Sam's Early Learning Centre was initiated in 1987 and became an immediate success and extremely popular with both expatriate and local parents. Its popularity caused it to grow into three centres. 


This popularity is due to the developmental program and the dedicated staff who believe that each child is unique and should work at his/her own pace.